Faithfully output player's sensitivity and energy | Shior Kai-B4, B5 | Yama Gakki Japan

Production Manager

​Tomohiro Shioiri


Material management starting with seasoning, we repeatedly devote a lot of time to dozens of steps while repeatedly deviating.

We make it with all our heart.

We were able to complete the Shior along with the specialists in each field.

We are convinced we can send out into the world the tools which enable the players to play comfortably, pleasantly and smoothly in various situations; live, recording and many other scenes.

Please take a Shior in your hand.

We believe it will make the plyers thrilled and excited.


Joined Yama Instrument in 1983.

As a workshop chif.

He is involved in OEM production of custom guitars, and other famous brand guitars both in Japan and abroad.


Hirotaka Shimizu​


Support the rhythm, the song, the keyboard and the guitar inself.

From the viewpoint of a bassist, slightly of a guitarist and of a recording engineer, I consider the tone of the bace.

It is the tone I would like Japanese bassists to try out.

Please come and fly yourself into the world.

Please play the instrument powerflly.
The tone is really well-balanced, preparing countermeasure against noise and very low phase shift.

Carefully selected wood and electronic parts, hight quolity neck chosen all over the world.

This is the sound of Shior.


Nicknamed "Shimmy".Guitalist, composer and engineer.
Started music activities, co-starring with many artists in recording and live in concert.
Yoko Ono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Cornelius, David Burn, Lou Reed, Sean Lennon and other Japanese andforeign artists.
Worked on the album Prodies of Araki Yuko's project MI-GU and pertormed live abroad in Texas, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Iceland etc.
Participated in Cornalia's THE CORNELIA GROUP, playing on world tours including Japan.
Participated in Yoko Ono PLASTIC BAND "BETWEENMY HEAD AND THE SKY" as a guitarist.
Along with Yuka Honda from Tivo Mat, Betra Hayden.
Yuka Araki, released the 1st album "Salt on SEA Glass" as the band IF BY TES from chimera Music.
Released his own solo album "3579".
Established a project with Mike Watt, Nels Cline, yuko Araki.
Released the first album "Brother's Sister's Daughter's.

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