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Thank you for using Yama instruments.
Decades have passed since establishing an electric guitar production company.
I am grateful that it is the result of the support of many people.
Right now we are focusing on the guitar neck and body OEM production.
Nine years have passed since I sold products online.
I decided to develop and produce an original bass guitar.
Shiojiri Asao with high technology and experience will decide to develop and produce its own bass guitar.
It is not a smooth process until completion, but the biggest problem is to "create a convincing sound".
Repeated trial and error, dissatisfied days passed.
In such a case, we cooperated with Yuka Shimizu to create a "Shior" original that we can recommend to our customers with peace of mind.
Please try by all means. Please listen.
From now on we will continue to make even more efforts with the motto "Production of products that customers can last long".
And I would like to express my deep appreciation to the many people who helped Shior complete it.

Yama Gakki Co.,Ltd
Hiromi Maruyama

Company       Yama Gakki Co.Ltd

Establishment     October 1,1980

Representative       Hiromi Maruyama

Address            Japan Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto-shi

                                                         Hata 9413

TEL                             0263-92-5591

FAX                             0263-92-4226

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           Development,production and sale

                                  of electric guitar


Please feel free to contact us.

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There is a possibility that it has not been received.

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Japan Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto-shi

Hata 9413

Yama Gakki Co.,Ltd​

TEL 81-263-92-5591

FAX 81-263-92-4226

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